MadWomxn Magazine: Issue One Heroines - PDF VERSION - TAKE TWO / NEW CONTENT


This is the PDF VERSION of MadWomxn Magazine Issue one: new CONTENT

Purchasing this PDF Version will allow you to see all new never see before content. This PDF is filled with new artists and new work that we couldn't let go by unseen.

When purchasing this magazine make sure your email is attached to you PayPal account so we can send you the PDF easily. If not please contact madwomen magazine via this website or email at: [email protected] to ensure your PDF copy gets to you.

An 86-page, B5 print zine platforming the voices of all marginalised genders including womxn, non-binary folk and trans people.

Reflecting on womxnhood in whatever way these creatives define it. Within this issue we asked our creatives to interpret the word “Heroine."

Proceeds are going towards The Crossroads Women’s Centre. Who brings together women from different ages, backgrounds and communities to share experiences, and learn from and support each other. The Centre is run by Crossroads Women as a disability-accessible, multi-racial, community resource. It is a place of safety for vulnerable and low-income women. Men ready to work, with women, in a mutually supportive way are also welcome. The Crossroads Women's Centre prides itself in inclusivity just like us here at MadWomxn Magazine.


Featured Artists in NEW TAKE TWO PDF:

Cara Hudson
Amy Loizou
Daisy Llywenna
Elizabeth McConaughy-Oliver
Vicki Simons
Lil Sanderson
Bee Illustrates
Holly Moberley
Lauren Entwisle
Phoebe Hurst
Bethany Hill
Megan Lacey Slade
Emma Chapman
Emily Duff
Audrey Subra
Maria Villalobos
Lola Claire
Eleanor Fowler
Sylvie Lewis
Amanda Leigh
Isabel Couchoud
Louise Evans
Maggie Saunders
Eleanor Mason
Izza the Poet
Milly Parker
Lilly Human
Zuzzanna Wlosek
Kiera Benfield
Hannah/ The Self Love Rev
Emma Scully
Lara Delmage
Nikki Cullen
Nell Basley
Zohar Dvir
Hattie Bunn
Evelyn May Green
Natasha Gilbert
Olivia Hill
Milena Deparis
Lucie O’Shea
Ineta Svedaite
Hollie Walters
Claudia Best
Libby Cooper
Andrea Proano
Finn Morgan
Madeleine Goode
Soleli Engin
Sanja Kolenko
Cayce Atwood
Ruby Nott
Alice Musgrove
Prishanti Pathank
Jessi Jarrin
Goto Summer
Tamara Conforti
Georgia Balmer
Ana Hernandez
Sara Edwards
Lydia Mitchell
Ella Rimmer
Eliza Mackay
Estelle Page
Sarah Johnson
Morgan Mcpeak
Summer Redman
Samantha Steele
Oppression Killing Brat
Ellen Godden
Morwenna Hockhan
Gabriella Marks
Fiona Burton
Esperanza Siebzehner