PDF VERSION of MadWomxn Magazine Vol. 2- Motherland


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An 148-page PDF zine platforming the voices of all marginalised genders including womxn, non-binary folk and trans people.

MOTHERLAND. The word "Motherland" seems to be such an enigma: A word that has such diversity and culture behind it and has caused us all to react differently. Some feel warmth and safety, others want to escape from the feeling of pressure; one thing is for sure, this word runs deep and evokes such complexity from within us. 

This is not a token nod to diversity because it’s on trend now, but an assertion that we can best understand our world, and ourselves by listening and learning to what people who are different from us have to say. The work within this magazine is a result of us all authentically engaging with a real and honest intersectional approach to diversity simply because it is who we are. 

Vol.2 Is some of the best work yet and features over 70 artists and creatives.

A HUGE thank you to Lena Song for her incredible photography featured throughout the magazine and Amy Loizou who is our graphic designer and put so much hard worker into making this zine what it is today.

Featuring work by:
Amy Loizou
Lena Song
Hannah Bea
Isabelle Mulvany
Erin Graham
Louise Evans
Elin Creese
Sophie Tweedale
Josefine Aspvik
Annie Dabb
Emma Scully
Amyleigh Craig
Kika Good
Shruti Murali
Alanna Duffield
Lucy Barclay
Alice Partington
Abigail Tate
Isobel Wynn
Carol Antezana
Tayler Pineda J
The Line Girl
Shannon Oxley
Minori Iwahashi
Kaho Adachi
Jerry Beatson
Zoe Johnson
Yasmeen Fathima Thantrey
Erika Nina Suarez
Jezzelle Kellam
Salma Madwar
Nana Blythe
Alexandra Heron
Charlie Bungay
Rachel Britton
Asia Horne
Ayanna Sykes
Mikey Nowka
Tamarra Thomas
Jhanee Wilkins
Emma Bayley Melendez
Isabel Rodriiguez
Krizia Nardini
Tanisha Barret
Alisa Kanda Kovac
Becca Hamel
Gabrielle Mabazza
Obehi Aigiomawu
Aoife Dillon
India Lawrence
Dionne Anderson
Ventika Henderson
Zoe Bulsara
Seonaid Mckay
Shunayna Vaghela
Aarti Mukhedkar
Svetha Ambati
Duaa Abdulal
Lucie Shackley
Rajendra Amira
Vanessa Halfhide
Rachel Monaghan
Amber Lickerish
Diana Nguyen
Lisa O'Hare
Georgi McKie
Viktoria Spokojna
Cara Barclay
Zoe Harrison
Maria Kalinowska
Małgorzata Mycek